Good on yer!

The Denver Post pays homage to litbloggers, including some of our personal faves:

“In their energy and occasional outrageousness, the blogs recall the golden age of literary magazines in the ’60s, when at least one in Madison, Wis., was printed on paper stolen from a school English Department, run off on a mimeograph machine in a garage and handed out free. Today’s literary magazines, like their editors, have become in many cases middle-aged and comfortable, more taken up with fundraising than publishing cutting-edge fiction and poetry.

This could hardly be said of the blogs, which are anything but sedate.”

Mimeograph machines, oh my. The Babu’s partner used the official school machine to publish a scintillating chronicle of teenage angst, exuberance and need which went by the original monicker of Humphaven. It sold at a price about ten times as much as the official school magazine, and the partner can still be transported back into the joys of young lust and acne at the mere whiff of printer’s ink.





2 responses to “Good on yer!”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Greetings to the Babu!- PMBtw: Mediaah! is going to be back soon.

  2. 30in2005 Avatar

    Hi! I’ve been following your blog for quite a while now – it is impressive to say the very least! Reading your blog and a few other really good ones was the inspiration for me to take the plunge (as yet soul-less and direction-less but hopefully will get somewhere eventually!). Just a quick note to say under your ‘writers bloc’ many of the links are not working – have they changed/ do they need refreshing?Keep blogging!

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