While We Were Sleeping…

…lots happened and these guys pretty much covered the whole caboodle.

But the Babu had good reasons for disappearing.

He was:

a) packing books and discovering that most of our furniture consists of bookcases, that old books produce very pungent dustballs while new books produce only mildly-scented ones, and most important, the books you’ve just packed at the bottom of carton number forty are the ones you really, really want to read.

b) learning that when you have two proof copies of your first published book ever, even if it’s just an anthology and not a Real I Wrote It All Myself artifact, you do not want to accidentally pack them in carton 39 which is the lowest carton at the back of a row four-deep with six other cartons on top of it.

c) wondering what to do about the identity thingie, since keeping it secret diminishes his ability to brag about the subject of (b) and most of his friends know who the Babu is anyway.

d) wincing at the only picture of the Babu in real life that exists in print, because in it we look lopsided, fat and like Bobo the Clown’s sad cousin.

e) in tribute to the holiday season, eating way too much plumcake. We can’t stand plumcake or fruitcake or simnel cake, but we hate it so much we can’t stand looking at it either, so… we eat it.

f) sending up a huzzah to friends who have been more productive, and who have, in different ways, accomplished much in the last days of 2004.


  1. Please don’t say things like “look retarded” lightly. This isn’t about political correctness. I couldn’t care less about that. It’s about accuracy. I have a family member who is retarded. And he looks like an angel.

  2. um, the babu looks fairly angelic too, so please dont take any umbrage, if umbrage is the word im looking for.best wishes, anonymous, to you and your cousin

  3. Darkly angelic, I’d have said. But yes, apologies about the retarded bit–on pc as well as accuracy grounds. (Odd, now that you point it out, but the most beautiful, and I do mean drop-dead gorgeous, woman I ever met in my life had a serious mental disability.) And double apologies if Anonymous is who I think you are and we’ve talked about your brother. This is an area of speech where my partner and I are in serious need of sensitisation programmes, incidentally. I just named a pair of kittens in Calcutta–a friend’s pair, met before I read this post–Idiot and Savant, because that perfectly expresses their personalities. All the same, apologies. No offence intended.

  4. Welcome back. About the identity thingie…a friend got very drunk and blurted it out during a blog discussion in Putu the Cat’s lair a few days ago. Some people from Outlook magazine were present, though I wouldn’t vouch that they’d remember; most of them were well-juiced themselves, and sprawled about the room in undignified positions. But thought I’d warn you anyway

  5. Hey, not everyone knows. The thing that kills me is that I know at least a couple of pepole who know who the Babu is, but refuse to divulge. Now, I’m going to hazard a guess and say it’s a certain editor at Outlook.

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