Rushdie, with quote marks

Looks like the man’s being mobbed on his Kolkata visit. He had fun: “In America, we have to deal with strange growths called Bushes.” And so did the press. In which Salman chacha reveals that he wants to write a book on Machiavelli, Padma Lakshmi says that his new book has “a lot on cooking”, and one news report does its best to put Rushdie’s life and works into perspective. Grimus was “a science fiction”, and Rushdie also wrote “The Moor’s Last Sight”. And the anonymous author serves up the most entertaining review of The Satanic Verses yet: “The novel was a story of two Indian actors who fell on the Earth after an Air India aircraft exploded mid air. The book criticised terrorism.”

One comment

  1. That’s some weirdly basic English there. The article reads like a book report written by a conscientious twelve-year old.But the straight-ahead style has its charms, I guess.”The book criticised terrorism” indeed.:)elck

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