Due: Por Banal, by Pablo Neruda

From The Modern Humorist (via Beautiful Stuff), The Holy Tango of Poetry: If poets wrote poems whose titles were anagrams of their names.

They have unsung gems–Emily Dickinson’s Skinny Domicile, William Carlos Williams’ I Will Alarm Islamic Owls. And T.S. Eliot’s Toilets.


by T.S. Eliot

Let us go then, to the john,

Where the toilet seat waits to be sat upon

Like a lover’s lap perched upon ceramic;

Let us go, through doors that do not always lock,

Which means you ought to knock

Lest opening one reveal a soul within

Who’ll shout, “Stay out! Did you not see my shin,

Framed within the gap twixt floor and stall?”

No, I did not see that at all.

That is not what I saw, at all.

To the stall the people come to go,

Reading an obscene graffito.

We have lingered in the chamber labeled “Men”

Till attendants proffer aftershave and mints

As we lather up our hands with soap, and rinse.

Volume Two has William Blake, Ogden Nash and e.e. cummings (“nice smug me”); Volume Three has Shakespeare, Dylan Thomas and H.D.; Volume Four has Basho (haiku: Has B.O., and Ah, SOB) and Maya Angelou. And don’t forget The Holy Tango of Drama.

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  1. Hey there. Thanks for the link. As the author of the Holy Tango, I hope you won’t mind if I self-promote a bit and mention that the expanded Holy Tango of Literature has just been published. It’s available at http://www.emmisbooks.com (and, you know, Amazon and the usual places).Pablo Neruda didn’t make it in, I regret to say, though if he had, the title would have “A Labored Pun”.

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