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The Seventy Most Beautiful Words in The English Language:

Mother, Passion, Smile, Love, Eternity, Fantastic, Destiny, Freedom, Liberty, Tranquillity, Peace, Blossom, Sunshine, Sweetheart, Gorgeous, Cherish, Enthusiasm, Hope, Grace, Rainbow, Blue, Sunflower, Twinkle, Serendipity, Bliss, Lullaby, Sophisticated, Renaissance, Cute, Cosy, Butterfly, Galaxy, Hilarious, Moment, Extravaganza, Aqua, Sentiment, Cosmopolitan, Bubble, Pumpkin, Banana, Lollipop, If, Bumblebee, Giggle, Paradox, Delicacy, Peekaboo, Umbrella, Kangaroo, Flabbergasted, Hippopotamus, Gothic, Coconut, Smashing, Whoops, Tickle, Loquacious, Flip-flop, Smithereens, Oi, Gazebo, Hiccup, Hodgepodge, Shipshape, Explosion, Fuselage, Zing, Gum, Hen night.

To the schmaltzes who voted for “mother” as the most beautiful word in the English language, get in line: Hindi film scriptwriters said “Mere paas Ma hain” a long, long time ago.

To the people who voted for Flabbergasted, Oi and Flip-flop, thanks for diluting the peace-and-love syrup just in time to stop the Babu puking.

And to the people who murmur “fuselage” and “hen night” lovingly to themselves, you do know you’re very, very strange?

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