Curry Cover Special: Who’s Sari Now?

Suhayl Saadi (Psychoraag) said in an interview recently: “…I didn’t want a curry cover. I didn’t want this woman dancing in a sari, or a DJ playing records. It’s been done and that’s not what the book is about.” (It’s an interesting interview. It describes him as “a cross between Irvine Welsh”–Saadi lives in Scotland–and “Salmon Rushie”. I dunno, Salmon Rushie: sounds a bit fishy, eh?)

We liked Saadi’s reference to curry covers so much that we went out looking for them. Since we’re still getting used to Blogger’s photobot, you’ll have to scroll down to the first sari picture and read upwards. I know, I know, it’s a mess–what can I say except that I’m terribly sari it’s all gone sarong.


  1. See also Chitra Divakaruni, “Mistress of Spices” (on It’s all in a day’s work for what a friend calls “mango and guava writing”, to which I respond, “And what’s so wrong with mangoes?” Though Davidar’s gone (too literally) beyond the pale, in picture and in prose. And is that a sari on the cover of Bharati Mukherjee’s “Jasmine”, or is it a salwar kurta?Anyhow, not to worry: Lahiri’s got nary a sari.elck

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