Month: October 2004

  • Awards, awards, awards

    The Giller Prize shortlist was announced a few days ago: Shauna Singh Baldwin, Alice Munro, Wayson Choy, Pauline Holdstock, Paul Quarrington and Miriam Toews made the cut. Nearer home, The New India Foundation has been busy–so busy, in fact, that they don’t seem to have updated their website. Tch tch. Outlook reports: “…The foundation is […]

  • …so don’t push your aunt’s heptalogy on Bangalore’s sewers

    From the ManBooker International Prize 2005 website: “Please note that submissions for the prize are not invited – the judges will be compiling their own longlists.” From The Independent: “The Booker Prize, currently under fire for concentrating on fashionable and quirky writers, will this week attempt to regain its reputation for high seriousness with the […]

  • Three reasons to be happy today

    1. From Publisher’s Lunch: Knopf has confirmed what Lunch reported in part earlier: Random House will publish Gabriel García Márquez’s MEMORIA DE MIS PUTAS TRISTES in a simultaneous Spanish-language release on October 27, through both Vintage Espanol (paperback) and Knopf (hardcover) in the US, and Random House Mondadori in co-editions with García Márquez’s traditional publishing […]

  • Just a sec till I potchke this in…

    Rick Klaw has a wonderful column on the fine art of pochkeying (or potchkeing, as Tingle Alley, where we found the link, learned is the correct term). The Babu is no writer, but he observes a direct correlation between a rise in blogging activity on Kitabkhana and the size of his workload. It’s amazing how […]

  • The Hungry Corporation

    Amitav Ghosh remembers visiting the Sunderbans as a child; more recently, he spent a long period in the mangrove islands of Bengal researching The Hungry Tide. He met dolphin researchers, dusted off the files on the massacre of refugees who were encroaching on Project Tiger land in Morichjhapi and listened to old legends, tales of […]

  • Endgame for Derrida

    Apparently Derrida used to open his lectures for many years with this quotation: “Oh my friends, there is no friend.” It’s supposed to be from Aristotle, but can’t easily be traced back to Aristotle’s works–appropriate enough for the man who declared that there was nothing beyond the text. I met him once in Delhi, when […]

  • Nobeldameday

    I know the bright blokes over at the Swedish Academy never make mistakes and that they’re committed to the Cause of Literature, but somehow this brief biography does not make me want to read the works of the newest Nobel Literature Laureate, Elfriede Jelinek. Her website with the anatomically tortured Bambi figure is more entertaining, […]

  • AWOL

    The Babu has packed his best dhoti, monkey cap and muffler and is taking a break until next week. Kitabkhana will be back on October 7; until then, do drop by the good souls listed on the lefthand side under Addictions, they’ll have all the dope.