Month: October 2004

  • Love comes third…

    …in Germany. In a competition to find the most beautiful word in the German language, Habseligkeiten, meaning possessions, belongings or effects, was the winner. And ‘Geborgenheit, meaning “a feeling of security” came in second, with “lieben” a distant third. Before we start in with those German jokes, a question: what would the most beautiful word […]

  • Load-of-Crap dept

    Jonathan Yardley: “Rereading “The Catcher in the Rye” after all those years was almost literally a painful experience: The combination of Salinger’s execrable prose and Caulfield’s jejune narcissism produced effects comparable to mainlining castor oil.” (Link via Old Hag.)

  • Bootlegged before the book!

    This is what’s called the spirit of free enterprise. I take it Gabriel Garcia Marquez was not amused.

  • Naipaul is controversial. Again.

    What else happened while the Babu was awol? Naipaul made provocative and controversial remarks, yes, well, doesn’t he do that all the time? (For the record, he slated: Indian writers (quit boasting, he advised), the new technological civilisation, and yes, he declared, yet again, that the End of the Novel was Nigh. It doesn’t matter; […]

  • The Booker: Airs on a G-word string

    Alan Hollinghurst’s The Line of Beauty is “the first book with a strong gay theme” to win the Booker; gay novelist wins the Booker; gay fiction beats the hot favourite to win; tale ofgay life in Britain wins Booker etc. All done. Now can we get past the sexual orientation thing, please? Maybe not, suggests […]

  • Moby lives, ok

    It’s been far too long outside the whale. Glad to see him back at a time when others are threatening to leave and some have turned off the lights already.

  • Mwahahahaha moment

    We’re conquering the world. “A British language expert predicts that “Hinglish,” or Indian English, will overtake standard English as the most common spoken form of the language globally.” A year ago, The Week ran a piece on Hinglish as she is increasingly isspoke these days. Other variants include: Pinglish (Punjabi English), Bonglish (Bengali English), Tamlish […]

  • Good on yer, mate

    Yup, she’s back in the news again. From The Hindu: “Comparing Australia’s aborigines to India’s untouchables, controversial Indian author Arundhati Roy has accused Canberra of genocide and said she wanted to donate her USD 50,000 Sydney Peace Prize to aboriginal political activities to further their work.” The Bulletin reported her as saying:”It is funny, I’ve […]

  • From the Utterly-Useless-Stuff Dept

    I love the classified ads. Among the hundreds of hopefuls extolling their “gorgette prints”, you have benefactors offering relief for those “tensed and depressed by heavy pressure of creditors”. “Survical body massage by male to male” competes with Tanisha, who will “service only elite family member”, and others who will “hell both body and soul”, […]

  • Beyond East meets West

    The Babu was goofing off when the new Hindu Literary Review came out–go visit. Their lead story this month is by Tabish Khair, commenting on the bits of Indian immigrant history that don’t make it to fiction often enough: “There are so many Indian English novels now in which the love angle is always with […]