Love comes third…

…in Germany. In a competition to find the most beautiful word in the German language, Habseligkeiten, meaning possessions, belongings or effects, was the winner. And ‘Geborgenheit, meaning “a feeling of security” came in second, with “lieben” a distant third.

Before we start in with those German jokes, a question: what would the most beautiful word in Hindi be? (In Bengali, given the Babu’s brethren’s obsession with food, I’m betting “rosogolla” or “maacher-jhol” would rank somewhere in the top three. On second thoughts, add “mochar chop” to that, and you can forget about “bhalobasha” even getting a look-in.





2 responses to “Love comes third…”

  1. putu Avatar

    naikundulikingkortobyobimuronyakaare my top three.

  2. neha Avatar

    What’s sweeter than rosogolla?

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