Mwahahahaha moment

We’re conquering the world.

“A British language expert predicts that “Hinglish,” or Indian English, will overtake standard English as the most common spoken form of the language globally.”

A year ago, The Week ran a piece on Hinglish as she is increasingly isspoke these days. Other variants include: Pinglish (Punjabi English), Bonglish (Bengali English), Tamlish (Tamil English) and some claimants even swear there’s Ginglish (Gujarati English).





3 responses to “Mwahahahaha moment”

  1. zigzackly Avatar

    Vot men, you didn’t speak about Mac talk, bleddy. All de Katlik buggers in Bombay speak like dat only, men.

  2. neha Avatar

    Bonglish…I’d like to see what that would sound like. Never mind the Punjabis – they’ve ruined the language enough already.

  3. Anonymous Avatar

    Arrey, what rubbish yaar. They left out the Goans.elck

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