Three reasons to be happy today

1. From Publisher’s Lunch:

Knopf has confirmed what Lunch reported in part earlier:

Random House will publish Gabriel García

Márquez’s MEMORIA DE MIS PUTAS TRISTES in a simultaneous

Spanish-language release on October 27, through both

Vintage Espanol (paperback) and Knopf (hardcover) in the US,

and Random House Mondadori in co-editions with García

Márquez’s traditional publishing companies elsewhere.

There seems to be slight confusion over whether this is the second volume of his memoirs, or a work of fiction as the media’s reporting, or perhaps just thinly-fictionalised memoirs. I’m all for option three.

2. Sex and the Umma has been updated after a long break; read Zuleikha Mahmood’s Lesbo Goes to Muslim Bridal Shower here. Or for pure joy, read the comments here (scroll down to bottom of page). Immoveable spluttering hordes of the pious meet irresistible articulate force of the damned.

3. And this.





One response to “Three reasons to be happy today”

  1. Seema Pai Avatar

    I remember that when ‘Living to tell the tale’ was still a work-in-progress, he had said that the memoir was to contain 3 volumes. Haven’t heard anything about the other 2 though (or am I just living blissfully in a state of ignorance?). So, maybe this is, as you so eloquently put it, a memoir with some poetic license thrown in?

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