Just a sec till I potchke this in…

Rick Klaw has a wonderful column on the fine art of pochkeying (or potchkeing, as Tingle Alley, where we found the link, learned is the correct term).

The Babu is no writer, but he observes a direct correlation between a rise in blogging activity on Kitabkhana and the size of his workload. It’s amazing how days when the deadlines loom large are the ones where he has a manic, uncontrollable urge to post on everything under the sun. Like today, he said, as another deadline makes a whooshing noise as it goes by.

And on the rare occasion when there is Real Nearly-Author-Type writing to do? That’s when you should drop by, because that’s when the Babu’s going to be spending three hours in the kitchen making batches of pasta sauce, mochaar chop (which requires eons of time just peeling the stupid banana tree bits involved) and gingerbread, which everyone knows you can’t make in quantities less than ten loaves at a time, minimum.





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