The King Is Through

Stephen King’s finished the final volume in his Dark Tower series (excerpted here): number seven has been signed, sealed and delivered 34 years after the gunslinger with the tired blue eyes first made his debut.

The Guardian has a nice profile of the man:

“I decided that I wanted to finish it. I wanted to be true to the 22-year-old who wanted to write the longest popular novel of all time. And I did: it’s 2,500 pages long, maybe longer. I knew it was going to be like crossing the Atlantic in a bathtub. I thought I’m just going to keep on working, because if I stop I’ll never start again.”

There’s an early review here.

But what I’m really wondering is what he’s going to do now. He’s lived with the Dark Tower and Roland for three decades; what happens when a writer finally writes ‘The End’ to a magnificent obsession on that scale? His publisher, however, says that reports of his retirement are greatly exaggerated.

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