How to interview Margaret Atwood

Like this. I don’t care if it’s parody or real, it’s hysterical.

Matthew Fox: Well, then, moving on to your new book Moving Targets. I particularly enjoyed “The Grunge Look.” I only have the sampler, so it only has three—

Margaret Atwood: You don’t have the whole text?

MF: I’m afraid not.

MA: Well, it’s quite a lot longer than that. Why didn’t they send you the whole text?

MF: I don’t know. I think we requested one on Thursday—

MA: But I wanted you to do this interview having read the book.

MF: Well, like I said, I’ve only been able to read the three—

MA: That seems very silly.

MF: I know.

MA: Did they even send you the table of contents?

MF: No.

MA: No? When’s your deadline?

MF: My deadline is Friday.

MA: Next Friday?

MF: This coming Friday, unfortunately.

MA: Well, that’s just truly stupid.

MF: Uh…

MA: I just can’t understand it.

MF: I’m sure if we were given more time, we would have been able to arrange something.

MA: There’s such a thing as a courier. (Laughter)

One comment

  1. Brilliant. Good work, Huree.I may adopt this (meta ) technique. Anyway, It’s challenging always talking about substance and, you know, having to read books and stuff. It’s way cool that publicists supply questions to be asked and stuff. Yeah, that’s so helpful.

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