Why you should read this Padma Lakshmi profile

For these three priceless quotes:

1) On her husband, Salman Rushdie:

“In India, he is very, very famous. He’s like Faulkner to Americans, or Dostoevsky to Russians.” I especially like this when it’s followed by: “The only thing she doesn’t like about him is his beard. It plays havoc with her skin.”

2) On the uses of frozen grapes as seduction aids:

“Use the green ones, not the red ones because the red ones stain the sheet. Just keep them in the fridge – you never know when a date is going to end up back at your place.”

3)On TV shows:

“When I was growing up in the US, there was a show called The Frugal Gourmet. Unfortunately, he got pulled up on some paedophile charges. But leaving that aside, he was good.”





3 responses to “Why you should read this Padma Lakshmi profile”

  1. Anonymous Avatar

    Wait, the frugal gourmet was a sicko? How did I miss that. Aw shucks, I used to love that show.If I remember, the man was a Presbyterian minister or something like that.Anyway, frugal gourmet brings to two the number of things I have in common with the lovely Miss Padma (the first being a strong dislike of grey-beards nuzzling our faces, but I daresay we’re not alone in this).elck

  2. Hurree Avatar

    I can see the headlines now: Frugal Gourmet, Prodigal Lust. And I have three things in common with Ms Lakshmi: I did, once, feed frozen green grapes to a seducee, but unfortunately for both of us, they weren’t seedless. The evening ended with the smooth romantic move popularly known as the Heimlich Manouevre.

  3. Marginalien Avatar

    Better the Heimlich than nothing, duckee …But you’re right the Padma Lakshmi interview was excellent reading. Whadja think — the writer dint much care for the lady, right? But she concealed it fairly well under blankets of praise-words. She leaves me grateful (as ALWAYS) to be a recluse. Imagine having to share space with someone who makes ordinary mortals feel like ugly dwarves!! I feel like an ugly dwarf even WITHOUT being in the same room as PL. *sigh*

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