Gmail accounts

Kitabkhana’s emulating its betters: we have six Gmail accounts (ie free Gmail invites) to give away on a first come, first served basis. If you’d like one, please let me know in the Comments box–and include your email address, otherwise I won’t know where to send the invite.





11 responses to “Gmail accounts”

  1. Tyrael Avatar

    HI, please send me an invitation,

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    if you could, please send one my way.islamoyankee@islamicate.comregards,islamoyankee

  3. Cleuby Avatar

    HiI am from Brazil, im live em Curitiba – Parana, an i need an invitation of Gmail.My name is Cleuby Castilho and my mail is!*Sorry!!My english is not good.:)

  4. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi!If still available, I’d like one please :) thanks

  5. Shakeel Abedi Avatar

    May I be the lucky fifth?

  6. Anonymous Avatar

    Hi, if the offer is still open could you add me

  7. Poncho Avatar

    can you send me one please my mail is

  8. Anonymous Avatar

    if you could send one to me,bsanderson2006@hotmail.comthanks in advance

  9. Rohit Avatar

    Hey there it’d be awesome if you could send me an invite, if you still ave any left.Thanks,Rohit (

  10. Anonymous Avatar

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  11. Anonymous Avatar

    did anyone tell you how good you look today…well…if not…marvelous. may i have a gmail invite please. keep up the good

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