The Knowledge Web

I find Danny Hill’s idea of the Knowledge Web deeply seductive, though possibly this is the outcome of studying in a convent school where knowledge was disseminated via the Turkey Stuffing method: how much can you cram into the trussed-up object before you, how humiliating can you make the experience, and never mind that most of what’s going in is crumbs.

Danny Hill explains the idea of the Knowledge Web in detail on Edge:

“Let’s put aside the World Wide Web for a moment to consider what kind of automated tutor could be created using today’s best technology. First, imagine that this tutor program can get to know you over a long period of time. Like a good teacher, it knows what you already understand and what you are ready to learn. It also knows what types of explanations are most meaningful to you. It knows your learning style: whether you prefer pictures or stories, examples or abstractions. Imagine that this tutor has access to a database containing all the world’s knowledge. This database is organized according to concepts and ways of understanding them. It contains specific knowledge about how the concepts relate, who believes them and why, and what they are useful for. I will call this database the knowledge web, to distinguish it from the database of linked documents that is the World Wide Web.”

Don’t miss the responses; Edge has some of the most impressive commentators in the universe today.





One response to “The Knowledge Web”

  1. zigzackly Avatar

    Fascinating. My brain still hurts from the number of times it changed direction reading the article and the responses. Methinks that be the reason i haven’t been there in a while. Makes one feel so darn inferior and shallow.

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