Banned Books in India: Call for Help

Kitabkhana’s trying to put together a list of books banned by the Indian government or by various state governments from 1947 onwards in independent India. The obvious examples are there: Stanley Wolpert’s Nine Hours to Rama, Salman Rushdie’s Satanic Verses, but we can’t locate a broader master list. We did the rounds of the Ministry of External Affairs, where a suffering PR person directed us to the Ministry of Home Affairs, where a suffering PR person directed us back to Point A. If readers know of a list of banned books or know where such a list might be compiled/ found, please email the Babu at Or leave a comment (yes, we have comments finally after a year of holding out against the dern things, and are we learning how to fight spam!).





6 responses to “Banned Books in India: Call for Help”

  1. Buchu Avatar

    Unarmed Victory by Bertrand Russell. The first section of the book is about the Cuban missile crisis. The next one is about the Indo-China war of 1962 and it was banned because it says unflattering things about Nehru.

  2. Anonymous Avatar

    Polyester Tycoon has been banned as it does not show Dhirubhai Ambani in good light

  3. aditya Avatar

    Nine Hours To Rama by Stanley Wolpert is banned because it discloses as to who were irresponsible in protecting Gandhiji that eventually led to his assassination.

  4. desibabesandhunks Avatar

    Books , Magazines, Booklets, Newspapers, Journals BANNED by the goverment of india.What the indian goverment doesnt want the people to know.‘Hindu Heaven’ by Max Wylie, published by Victor Gollancz Ltd., 14, Henrietta Street, Covent Garden, London. Miss Katherine Mayo entitled “The Face of Mother India” published by M/s.Hamish Hamilton Ltd., 90, Great Russel Street, London.“Old Soldier Sahib” by Private Frank Richards published by Faber and Faber Ltd., London.“The Land of the Lingam” by Arthur Miles published by Hurst and Blackett Ltd., Paternoster, House, London“Mysterious India” by Moki Singh published by Stanley Paul and Company Ltd., London“Scented Garden (Anthropology of sex life in the Levant)” by Bernhard Stern, M.D., translated by David Berger, M.A. and published by the Ethnological Press, New YorkJuly, 1946 issued of the journal “Britannia and Eve” printed by Odhams C.Watford Ltd., St. Albans Road, Watford, England and published by the Proprietors, British National Newspapers Ltd., Commonwealth House, 1-New Oxford St. John and containing an article entitled “Codijah the First and Devoted Wife of Mahomet” written and illustrated by F.Matania“Behind the Iron Curtain in Kashmir:Neutral Opinion” and “The Kashmir Dispute Through Neutral Eyes” PAKISTAN-PASMANZARWA PESHMANZAR, by Hameed Anwar, published by Ishait Manzil, Bull Road, Lahore‘CEASE-FIRE’ by Agha Babar, published by Little Theatre Group, Lahore‘KHAK AUR KHOON’ by Nazim Hajazi, published by Quami Kutab Khana, LahoreCHANDRAMOHINIMARKA-E-SOMNATH by Maulana Muhammad Sadiq Hussain Sahab Sadiq Siddiqui Sardanvi of Lahore“BHUPAT SINGH’ (a tale of adventure of well-known outlaw of Saurashtra) written by Kaluwank Ravatwank, published by Messrs Ummar Hussan, Newspapers Agent, Sukkur, Sindh and printed at the Milat Printing Press, Lee Market, Karachi (Pakistan)“American Military Aid to Pakistan (Its full implication)” written by Salahuddin Ahmed, published by Abdus Salam on behalf of Crescent Club from 37, Bishnuchara Das Street, Dacca and printed by G.A.Chowdhury, B.A. at Paramount Press Ltd., Dacca”What has Religion done for Mankind” published by the Watch-tower Bible and Tract Society, New York “Rama Retold” written by Aubrey Menon, published by Chatto and Windus Ltd., London and Clarke, Irwin Co. Ltd., Toronto, and printed by Butler and Tanner Ltd., Frome and London, in the United Kingdom “Dark Urge” written by Robert W. Taylor and published by Pyramid Books, 444, Madison Avenue, New York, 22, N.Y.The Ramayana” by Aubrey Menon, published by Charles Scribner’s Sons, New York“Captive Kashmir” written by Aziz Beg, published by Allied Business Corporation, 54, The Mall, Lahore and printed by the Pakistan Herald Press, Karachi “The Heart of India” by Alexander Campbell, published in English by Alfred A. Knopf, New York“Nine Hours to Rama” by Hamish Hamilton Ltd., LondonAny issue of the Tamil weekly entitled “Desabhimani” edited and published by Hassan Mohideen Packeer Mohindeen at Colombo, CeylonAny issue of the Urdu newspaper entitled “Daily Jang, Karachi” edited, printed and published by Mir Khalil-ul-Rahman from the Javed Press, Macleod Road, Karachi“Nepal” by Toni Hagen published by Kummerely and Frey, Berne, Switzerland“Ayesha” written by Kurt Frishchler, translated from German into English by Norman Denny and published by Barrie and Rockliff (Barries Book Ltd.), 2 Clement Mn., Strand, London and printed in Great Britain by Charles Birchall and Sons LtdUrdu periodical “Bang” published by ‘Azad Kashmir RadioAny issue of Portuguese bulletin entitled “Noticias De Portugal – Boletin Semanal Do Secretriado Nacional Da Informacao” published from Palaciao Foz, Lisbon, ProtugalAny issue of the periodical entitled “Korea News” published by Korean Central News Agency, Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of KoreaLushai weekly entitled “Ramthar” printed at Aung Thazin Press, Rangoon and published on behalf of Burma Lushai OrganisationAny issue of the weekly periodical entitled “The Muslim World – A Weekly Review of the Motamar” edited, printed and published by Inamullah Khan, Secretary-General, Motamar al-Alam-al-Islami (World Muslim Congress), from 294, Bahadur Shah Zafar Road, Karachi-5, and printed at Karachi Printing Press, South Napier Road, Karachi-2Any copy of any issue of “Goan Voice” published by Majestic Printing Works Ltd., NairobiAny copy of any issue of the Magazine entitled “Noticia” published from Angola Any issue of Portuguese newspaper entitled “Noticias De Macau” published from MacaoAny issue of Tamil weekly paper entitled “THEEPORI” edited by Mr.M.K.Anthonisil and published from Hatton (Ceylon)The Jewel in the Lotus” (A Historical Survey of the Sexual Culture of the East) by Allen Edwards, published by Lancer Books, Inc. 185, Madison Avenue, New York, N.Y.10016 and printed in the U.S.A.Any copy of any issue of the Magazine entitled “EASTERN HORIZON”, a monthly review, published by Eastern Horizon Press, 18, Causeway Road, 1st Floor, Hong KongAny issue of the Bi-Monthly International Magazine entitled “REVOLUTION” published from 52, Rue Galande, Paris 5, France, printed in France“The Evolution of the British Empire and Commonwealth from the Americal Revolution”, by Alfred Le Ray Burt and published by D.C.Heath and Company, Boston, and printed in U.S.A. October, 1965Any copy of the magazine entitled “Chinese Literature’ Nos.11 and 12/67” published by Foreign Languages Press, Pai Wan Chuang, Peking (37), ChinaA Struggle between two lines over the question of How to Deal with U.S.Imperialism” by Fan Asid-Chu, published by Foreign Languages Press, Peking, 1965“Man from Moscow” by Greville Wynne, published by the Arrow Books Ltd., 178-202, Green Protlan Stree, London WIAny issue of the periodical entitled “The Call”, the journal of the Afro-Asian Writers Bureau and published from 73, Castle Street, Colombo 8, Ceylon and P.O.Box No.9007, Peking, ChinaAny copy of the periodical entitled “The Vanguard” printed by the Challenge Press Pvt. Ltd., 66-Sydney Road, Coburg, Victoria, 3058 (Australia)Any issue of the Punjabi Weekly entitled “LALKAR” printed and circulated by Avtar Singh Johal (a British National of Indian Origin holding British Passport No.937574), on behalf of the Extremist faction of the Association of Indian Communists in Great Britain, from 8, Sycamore Road, Smethwick Warley, (UK).“MAKING THE MODERN WORLD – ASIA – FOOD AND PEOPLE” by Barry Williams, (edited by John Robottom, published by Longman Group Limited, London, first published 1970, and printed in Hong Kong by Sheck Wah Tong Printing Press) “Early Islam” by Desmond Steward, published by ‘Time Life’ International (Netherland) N.V. and printed in 1971 in Holland “Political Leaders of the Twentieth Century-Nehru-A Political Biography” by Michael Edwards (first published by Allen Lane the Penguin Press, 1971, published in Pelican Books, 1973, and made and printed in Great Britain by Coz & Wyman Ltd., London, Reading and Fakenhan set in Monotype Times) “India Independent” by Charles Bettelheim, first published by Librairie Armand Colin, Modern Reader Paperback first edition 1971“China’s Foreign Relations Since 1949” (World Studies Series) by Alan Lawrence, Department of History, Halls Park College of Education, Hertford, first published in 1975 by Routledge & Kegan Paul Ltd., Broadway House, 68-74 Carter Lane, London Ec 4V 5E1 and 9 Park Stree, Boston Mass, 02108 USA“Who killed Gandhi” by Lourenco De Sadvandor International Copyright 1964 secured by Jose Luis De Souza

  5. Hurree Avatar

    DesiBabes, thanks! Should mention that I wrote the piece that came out in Akhond, but muchos gracias for jogging my memory. Will post a complete list of banned books soon.

  6. c153 Avatar

    Renowned author, R.V. Bhasin’s – Islam -a concept of political world invasion, has just been banned (under IPC sec 153 and 295) in April/07 by the Indian Govt. The author’s office in Nariman Point, Mumbai was raided by the police as well and all books confiscated. source: Hindu Voice

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