In a fit of misplaced generosity, Peter Griffin’s asked me to guest blog over at Zigzackly while he shifts house and wheedles the telephone exchange into shifting his phone lines (there’s a sizeable time lag between the two events). Griff’s the kind of guy who’s a great guest. When he drops in at your house, he straightens pictures, rearranges furniture (he does the pushing and shoving, you do the directing), cooks, showers you with presents etc. When he drops in at your blog, people send chocolates and flowers for him (I ate the former, the cats ate the latter; that’s why you got none, Griff). And they complain for weeks afterwards (“So you had typhoid and broke your leg and needed seven blood transfusions, hmm, how boring, by the way, how’s that wonderful guy who was guest blogging at Kitabkhana? The REALLY interesting man? Griff? Oh, he has his own blog now, yeah, that’s great, what’s the URL? Byeeee.”)

The Babu, on the other hand, well…. you know the kind of guest who invites three rock bands over to party while you’re out of town? The one who knows the Bombay bhais even Greg Roberts avoided, and who suggests that your home might make a great den of vice? The one who eats everything in the fridge and has to be served eviction notices?

Oh well. Drop by at Zigzackly anyway.





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