I love this passage from The Atlantic’s interview with Brian Greene (The Fabric of the Cosmos): “I think the relationship between memory and time is a very deep and tricky one, to tell you the truth. I don’t consider memory another sense. I do consider memory that which allows us to think that time flows. We all have a sense that our memory of the past was the time when a particular moment was real, and that it then receded into the past. And now we’re in the present, and we can reflect back on those distant events using our memory.

I think, however, and many physicists agree, that that sense of time flowing that we all feel through memory is actually an illusion. Every moment is as real as every other. Every “now,” when you say, “this is the real moment,” is as real as every other “now”—and therefore all the moments are just out there. Just as every location in space is out there, I think every moment in time is out there, too.”

Robert Birnbaum did a freewheeling interview with Green some months back for The Morning News: [Greene] “What physics is really revealing to us is that everything that you see is this glossy exterior to an underlying reality that physics is revealing, that is very surprising and very rich. Very elegant and very beautiful.”





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