“The zero kilometer had such gorgeous hubcaps I’m surprised she hasn’t been in an accident.” Just wondering how a sentence in the sexist slang of the “Javads” would sound. A “zero kilometer,” a reference to a car with no mileage on the clock, is a virgin. “Been in an accident” refers to a girl who has become pregnant. Girls’ backsides, a favorite talking point of hot-blooded Javads, are “hubcaps.” (Link courtesy The Fold Drop.) In Delhi, some of the Babu’s more chauvinist friends still refer to a well-endowed woman as a “BMW” or “Bade Mamme Wale”. (Bade=Large, Mamme=Mammaries). And some of the Babu’s smarter women friends refer to men who use dumb carworld slang as Wickless Dunder(head)s. Work that one out for yourself.





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