Perhaps imitation is really the sincerest form of flattery if you belong to the Times group. Gouri Chatterjee reports in her Via Media column for the Calcutta Telegraph:

Metro twins

Same day (Friday, April 23, 2004), same headline (“Sex and the city”), same (almost) blurb (“Calcutta Times kicks off a series on the infidelity rage that’s set Kolkata on fire” as against “Bombay Times kicks off a series on the infidelity rage that’s set Mumbai on fire”). That’s where the similarities began. The text of the “stories” in both papers was identical — except for one difference. Calcutta Times’s “Raghav, a south Kolkata boy” is “Ryan, a south Mumbai boy” in Bombay Times, Karan Sen is Karan Singh, Amit Datta Amit Patel, and so on. Whatever their names, the people in Calcutta and Mumbai were evidently separated at birth, they think, act, speak just like each other. May be, The Times of India believes what Calcutta thinks today, Bombay thinks the same day (or vice versa). Or it could be the other cliché: what’s in a name… Or, it could be the business-savvy TOI’s way of achieving economies of scale, journalism go hang.





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