“Helen Fielding has much to answer for, not least clones of Bridget Jones that haunt not just her own sequels but of every wannabe writer wanting a self-deprecating heroine with oodles of SA and not near enough common sense…”

“Okay, so no big deal, TDH is welcome to do her bit for feel-good India with a everyone-loves-India-so-it must-be-a-good-thing-too, and where’s the harm in a wannabe writer typing out her 17-year-old life’s story on a keyboard using dashes in lieu of quote marks to mark the advent of another IWE (that’s Indian Writer in English, in case you didn’t know)?” Kishore Singh, scalpel firmly in hand, reviews Tanuja Desai Hidier’s Born Confused. (Be warned that links on the Business Standard site change with alarming rapidity.)





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