Month: April 2004

  • The Babu has been absconding–“irritable in the sun”, as this Joseph Conrad quote puts it, but without the final consequences: “You very red, Mr. Kayerts. If you are so irritable in the sun, you will get fever and die–like the first chief!” pronounced Makola impressively.” (From ‘An Outpost of Progress’.) Ray Bradbury, incidentally, came up […]

  • Old age doesn’t creep up on you so much as it acts like the friendly neighbourhood flasher. I fear for my brain cells: forgot to post on this wonderful concept–marry the titles of your favourite books. Like this: The Long Goodbye to All That The Secret Diary of Anne Frank, aged 13 3/4 Gone with […]

  • The things that turn up in the garbage on April Fool’s day: Tagore’s missing Nobel medal has been found in a dustbin, according to this story. Not a very funny joke, and I hereby warn Mid-day that they will be spammed by a hundred irate Bengalis. Not me; I just get spammed a lot myself […]