Samit Basu (author of The Simoquin Prophecy) asks whether Sarnath Banerjee’s graphic novel, Corridor, could be the start of a revolution in the creaking world of Indian comic books.

Jonathan Lethem has an essay on reading comic books: “In the mid-1970s I had two friends who were into Marvel comics. Karl, whose parents were divorced, and Luke, whose parents were among the most stable I knew. My parents were something between: separated, or separating, sometimes living together and sometimes apart, and each of them with lovers.”

And from Nerve (nb: not quite x-rated but if you’re under the age of consent, remember that Kitabkhana refuses to deal with letters from irate parents complaining that the Babu’s been leading their kids astray; you click either on this or on any of the Sex and the Umma posts, you’re on your own), this neatly kinky essay by Neal Pollack celebrates the joys of lusting after superheroines. Especially when they’re in the middle of a costume change.





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