Back in the days when I was a hormone-driven young teeanger, I had an experience that I now realise qualifies as an “interfaith sexual experience”. (In those days, we called it “making out” without reference to caste, class, faith or denomination, but then we were old fashioned.)

If you’re wondering what exactly the “Muslim sexual experience” is, this website will explain. “Sex in Islam is not a dirty word or a forbidden subject. Thus MWU! feels the time is right to launch a special section that deals with this vital human subject in an honest and forthright manner.

We are pleased to introduce ‘Sex & the Umma,’ a series of bi-weekly columns regarding the issue of sexuality and Islam. Mohja Kahf, poet and professor at the University of Arkansas, and Asra Q. Nomani, author and former reporter at the Wall Street Journal, will alternate as columnists.” (Link courtesy Tim and Shehla–thanks!)

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