If you’re so inclined, drop in at the Asimov site at 9 pm (EST) on April 13 and chat with the Nebula award nominees–Eleanor Arneson, Kage Baker, John Kessel, Ian R Macleod, Eleanor Arnason, Molly Gloss and James Van Pelt. They’ve cleared up that business about Asimov’s being full of “sex, drugs and molestation” stories, sort of. Instead, they have Robert Silverberg on ‘Toward a Theory of Story’ (how’s that for hardcore action, Mothers Of America?). He’s well worth reading:

“Am I, then, tracing a direct line of evolution from the frantic ancient festivals of Dionysus to the Foundation series of Isaac Asimov and Frank Herbert’s Dune?

Yes, I am. But I’m by no means through with this theme.”

More on the Nebula: the ballot’s up here and awards will be announced on April 17. Links to the rest of the nominees are available here. This is what I love about SF: especially when it comes to short stories and novellas, you can usually find what you’re looking for online–and then you go ahead and buy the anthologies anyway. Someone explain this to the people in mainstream publishing, where even “chapter one” excerpts are hacked off at the knees.

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