Just did a little searching through various publication’s archives, and found this review of James Laine’s Shivaji: Hindu King in Islamic India, dated December 7th. It was headlined “An image that might be disturbing.” Hm.

Now here’s a subject on which i have mixed feelings. Copyright. As a person who earns a living (well, sort of) by writing, the prospect of someone ripping off stuff i’ve written for money and me not making any money out of it pisses me off. But the reader – and the cheapskate – in me wants as much free information as i can get. Robert Bonton, in the New York Times Magazine, looks at both sides of that issue in The Tyranny of Copyright*. (Via Arts & Letters Daily.)

While visiting the usual suspects, we found this: “I double-dare all columnists, writers, storytellers, hack journalists, essayists, bloggers and related parties to make the hard choice of sticking with first person singular. Resist the temptation the same way that you avoid telling a story in second person.” Don’t know about Anirudh Behl, but we, we like doing this. Besides, we have Dissociative Identity Disorder. And worms. (Via Old Hag.)

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