More on the Bhandarkar Institute, James Laine and the Sambhaji Brigade.

The Times of India reports that “seven major Ganesh mandals have condemned the Sambhaji Brigade for allegedly threatening to attack the historic Shaniwarwada.”

Rajeev Dhavan in Outlook : ‘The core of the emergence of the new form of social censorship has only one watchword: “You cannot read what we do not like even if we have not read it.”‘

The tributes to Nissim Ezekiel keep pouring in. This one is by Menka Shivdasani in The Daily Star. Makes me wish i had summoned up the courage to go meet the man.

Here’s an example of the When You Have Nothing To Say Use Flash school of web design.

And, if you were masochistic enough to hit that link, here’s an antidote. Danny Gregory’s lovely art blog, Everyday Matters.

Zig at Zigzackly

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