Went a-visiting yesterday, dropping by the list of lit sites and blogs that Hurree, kind soul, left behind to help low-brow me wing it here this week. Clicked on many, many links, opening new browser windows galore. Windows and IE registered their protest by hanging my computer. Followed my browser history to revisit those links, so all is not lost. But there was such a jumble of stuff, interspersed with other links i’d googled, and now i can’t for the life of me remember where i saw each one first. So, to all the sites that pointed me to the following links, my apologies for not crediting you today.

Sandy Bauers at the Philadelpia Inquirer tilts at Don Quixote. “Clearly Cervantes, who composed the novel in debtor’s prison, had some time on his hands.”

Someone once told me, if i want you to think of me as a funny guy, i could say to you, “I’m a really funny guy,” and inside you’d say, “Yeah, right.” Or i could make you laugh, and you would conclude, “Hey, that’s a really funny guy.” Bill Clinton’s joke writer made this humble blogger conclude that humourists shouldn’t try and explain how it works.

And was it Miles Davis who said “Talking music is like dancing architecture”? Doesn’t matter. In the Fermilab Arts and Lecture Series in Chicago, Dr. J. Murray Gibson presents “The Physics of the Blues,” where he will use “live musical examples to illustrate the physics behind musical scales and harmonic relationships, which are the palette with which musicians create. He will also reveal how the physics of music can give insights into other areas of science such as quantum mechanics and the molecular basis of life.”

This one is a slightly dated link. Had been saving it till i could think up a really witty intro. i did, after all, spend ten years in advertising, and have been single and unattached most of my life. But i can’t compete with this: “Tap-dancing Classics lecturer. Chilling isn’t it? (M, 38).” Or this: “Before I turn 67 – next March – I would like to have lots of sex with a man I like. If you want to talk first, Trollope works for me.” So go ahead and read Catherine Keenan on the personal ads in the LRB.

Zig at Zigzackly

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