Wanna flex your hippocampus? Try the Popular Science 6-point brain regimen to “ensure that yours is flexible enough for creative problem solving, strong enough to run the occasional intellectual mini-marathon, and most of all, free of pseudoscientific flab.”

Now-why-didn’t-i-think-of-this? Department

At Spaceworks @ the Tank in NYC, visitors to an exhibition called Reimagining the Ordovician Gothic: Fossils From the Golden Age of Spam will visit a world “populated by miracle sex drugs and lucrative real estate investment opportunities… correspondence from deposed African statesmen, and remnants of an ongoing war waged between the creators of the messages and rival systems analysts.” Note to self: save those mails offering bigger boobs, a longer penis, Paris Whatsername videos and health insurance; you’re gonna need it in your old age since this writing thing isn’t bringing in the bucks.

As the World Social Forum winds down, one of the little miracles the organisers can pride themselves on is the translation of proceedings into 13 languages, using open source software and inexpensive mid-range computers. Wired Newstells the story.

And Wired magazine talks to Doug Engelbart, the man who, in 1968, made a 90-minute demo that ‘rolled out virtually all that would come to define modern computing: videoconferencing, hyperlinks, networked collaboration, digital text editing, and something called a “mouse.” ‘

Jim Walsh doesn’t like them.

Zig at Zigzackly.

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