In other news:

Richard Goldstein in Village Voice asks why “Michael Jackson Is Damned and R. Kelly Is the Man.”

Geoffrey Wheatcroft, in the New York Times, takes a look* at the “long literary pedigree” of anti-Americanism, from Dickens to Le Carré.

Jennifer Jacobson, in The Chronicle, on: colons in book titles: “Some books even boast two subtitles, glued tenuously to the title with two colons.” (Link found on Arts and Letters Daily.)

And Woody Allen was late for work.

Georgina L Maddox, in the Indian Express, on High Pop, “the sugar-coated capsule [with] a dash of snobbery and a smidgen of intellect.”

The Business Standard has lunch with Justice Leila Seth, author of On Balance.

The Guardian and Penguin Modern Classics photography competition results are out.

Jeet Thayil makes 14 attempts at a tribute to Nissim Ezekiel. On Rediff. (Thanks Les, for the last two links)


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