This is not the first time i’m abusing The Babu’s hospitality. Many moons ago, on a visit to his city, i, with Significant Other of that time, dropped in on the Babu establishment for what was supposed to be a couple of nights, and stayed for nigh on two weeks. Despite which Hurree, naive lad (he is of tenderer years than his world view and wisdom tell), has now given me license to lounge around his virtual home.

This is, quite frankly, intimidating. Over at Zigzackly, i blackmail my dearest friends into dropping by once a week or so (they claim greater frequency, but the site tracker tells me otherwise). The Babu, on the other hand, has several thousand of you dropping in every day from every corner of the world. And that’s on the days he doesn’t post.

Anyway, let’s clear up a couple of things first. The Babu’s introduction is over-generous on all counts. i am what is euphemistically referred to as a consultant – which means i don’t have a job, and freelance from home – so i spend a lot more than five minutes away from Real Work (which, in any case, has very elastic boundaries when you’re consulting). Therefore, a) i have oodles of time to amble around the web; b) so, on roughly three separate occasions, when Hurree was on vacation, i found something before he did; and as for “c),” you know all those surveys that say the one thing women most want in a man is a sense of humour? Well, i’m old enough to have read Midnight’s Children when it was first published, but am still single, with no signs of impending banns. Which also explains “a).”

That said, a passing glance at Zigzackly (yet another shameless attempt to get some bonafide page views – many years spent in advertising are to blame) will tell you that i lack the experience and knowledge to even start doing a Hurree. In all honesty, the little i know about blogging is from reading this blog every day and taking envious mental notes. And about the book world, i know even less. (This is not coy false modesty. i have a huge ego, even though i insist in using a lower case ‘i.’) But, hopefully, enough has rubbed off for me to be able to keep you here till next week when HB returns, kisses the Partner, feeds the cats, or vice versa, and puts finger to keyboard again.


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