“Bahal’s extensive use of motoring metaphors to describe sex suggests that writers in other fields too could use the same method. Here are a few examples of what can be achieved.

Business Reporter: “Scale, scale, there’s value in scale”, he gasped as he took in her impressive infrastructure. Ever since he had signed the letter of intent, thoughts of the merger had obsessed him. Would he be able to add another prize to his bulging M&A portfolio? He had done his due diligence, of course, but one can never tell what clinches a deal finally.” Want an award? Manas Chakravarty offers tips for aspirants to the Bad Sex award.

“[It] can be an uncanny experience to travel halfway around the world to discover a tale you thought you already knew.” Kwame Anthony Appiah on African folk tales–not children’s tales, not household tales, but community tales. From the NYRB’s December 18 issue.

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