* As you enter the Babu’s neighbourhood, a huge banner promises to “teach you how to speak American and get a lucerative (sic) job at a Call Center…” Over in NYC, the rise and rise of the call centre has become the stuff of drama. “…Four Indian students sit at desks like schoolchildren, put through their paces by a brisk white American instructor. In the ruthlessly detached words of their Indian supervisor (seen on camera as if in a training film), they are being taught to get rid of “the mother tongue influence.” Her own accent is intact as she explains that the most common Indian mistake is to pronounce “ver” as “wer” (“re-co-wer” instead of re-co-ver”). It’s a dead giveaway. All “dialectical variations” must go.”

Ruchir Joshi on a recent visit to Gujarat: “…[In] the case of Anandi Patel I had no reason to suspect that her Gujarati wasn’t equal to spelling ‘sahishnuta’ or ‘sadbhavna’ or any other useful Gandhian word that could be used as a smoke-screen. Another word I am sure she can spell is ‘balatkar’ — rape — and she took great exception to my using it while asking her about what had happened to Muslim women in Gujarat.”

“I would thank you not to use that word in my presence!” she snapped at me.”But, Anandibehn, how can I not use it?” I asked, stunned yet again at the sheer gall. “Because there have been no rapes!””

This is the first letter I’m writing to a murder victim. Either in fact or in fiction. I’m doing this for two, three reasons. No, make it four. Four sounds right—it’s been four days since we first heard the whistle you blew. Four is the number of years both of us spent at IIT. Four sides make the Golden Quadrilateral.” Raj Kamal Jha on Satyendra Dubey, the IIT graduate who was murdered shortly after he blew the whistle on corruption. If you feel as strongly about Dubey’s murder as many Indians do, please take a moment to sign this online petition.

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