Month: October 2003

  • Is it just the Babu’s customary crustiness, or is this really one of the most boring lists of all time? King Lear had Alzheimer’s; Richard III was a sociopath; and Julius Caesar had epilepsy. Shakespeare 101, courtesy this article on psychiatry and literature. “While Coetzee (who gives virtually no interviews) is a vegetarian, an earlier […]

  • “The reformed drug addict and gambler admitted to selling his best friend’s home and pocketing the proceeds as well as working up debts of hundreds of thousands of dollars in a scheme to find Montezuma’s gold in Mexico.” Peter Finlay, aka DBC Pierre, does his bit to provide an alternative to the cult of the […]

  • The Babu’s back from his vacation and the first thing he learns is that neither L K Advani nor the NCERT chairman can count. This week, the Indian Express reported that a key NCERT history textbook appeared to have plagiarised generously from a more venerable US source. The story cites at least six clear examples […]

  • A few Coetzee resources on the web: his reviews for the NYRB, The Guardian’s archive of articles on the writer and his works, a BBC audio interview with Coetzee (“I doubt very much that this is going to have an impact on my life,” he said of winning the Booker twice), excerpts from the citation.

  • For three long years, the Babu has spent early October down on his knees (or he would if he wasn’t a practising agnostic) asking the Spirit Who Cannot Be Defined But Who is Everywhere to put in a word at the Swedish Academy for any of these writers when the subject of the Nobel Prize […]

  • Note: Kitabkhana is off to celebrate Durga Puja and then some. We’ll be back on October 10, and while we might manage some sporadic posting in between the dhunuchi naach and luchi-eating competitions, don’t bet on it. In the Name of the Mother, Enjoy Shamelessly, as a bearded atheist reprobate friend of the Babu’s used […]

  • The Nobel Prize for Literature will be announced on Thursday, and though they gave the standard speculators barely a day to make their guesses, the professional army of second-guessers has risen nobly to the challenge. This year’s Nobel goes to…Janet Frame…Adonis…Coetzee, Vargas Llosa, Roth and other usual suspects…and why on earth are we wasting our […]