Month: September 2003

  • “Freudenberger may very well be a genuine talent, but she’s being marketed as a doe-eyed dear, meant to seduce book-buyers (who are, after all, not necessarily book-readers) with her come-hither(-and-shell-out-twenty-five-bucks-for-my-book)-looks. Literati shouldn’t loathe her for that — but they should worry about the state of an industry forced to emphasise such pathetic superficialities.” The Babu’s […]

  • For The Snark Was A Boojum, You See:* “When you say a man writes badly, you are trying to hurt him. When you say it in words better than his, you have succeeded. It would be better to admit this fact, and admit that all adverse reviews are snarks to some degree, than to indulge […]

  • Yellow Dog reviews, or What Do You Know, Tibor Fischer Has Company: “It reads like the work of a less talented, less funny Martin Amis imitator.” “Whatever the literary equivalent of junk-food appeal may be – fatty, salty, addictive – [Amis] is the master of it.” “Yellow Dog is…a disaster.” “The fact that Yellow Dog […]

  • “One has to wonder, for instance, if V.S. Naipaul had encountered a Trinidadian named Seepersad on a travel assignment, whether the local journalist would have been spared the brutal first-impression critique the author often inflicts on his subjects. How the colonial comported himself, a few of his words spoken in private, a paragraph of his […]