To borrow Sam Goldwyn’s memorable phrase, why does the Booker continue to exclude the Americans out? On the peculiar category of Commonwealth literature, the Babu refers you to Amitav Ghosh’s protest and Amitava Kumar’s commentary.

There’s an interesting discussion on post-modernism over at 2Blowhards. India’s still whithering, to use Iris Murdoch’s phrase (“Whither The Novel?” “Whither Indian Language Writing?” Whither English as an Indian Language?”) more than Derridaing.

The proper study of man is mankind, and the proper study of woman is…The Family! Someone explain to Murli Manohar Joshi that the Dark Ages ended a long time ago.

“Flo Gibson records only the classics — and only the entire book, never an abridgement. If you love a certain book that isn’t a classic, and you want her to ‘voice’ it, be prepared for a very direct refusal.” The Babu wonders whether she would consider doing Dorothy Richardson’s Pilgrimage, now that she’s recorded her thousandth audio book…

Zoe hit high school like a tsunami. ‘I was one big nightmare for the school. I think I frightened them more than the apocalypse,’ Zoe says. As well as pulling down a 3.98 grade-point average, she engaged in activities such as helping to launch a controversial club.” The problem with interviewing the author of Please Don’t Kill The Freshman, especially when the pseudonymous Zoe Trope is a freshman herself, is that there isn’t all that much in the way of fascinating and meaningful biographical detail you can squeeze in to the profile. At least they spared us the kindergarten years!

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