“Accurately pegged by an Internet blogger as ‘beautiful and very smart,’ Vida is a part of a coterie of writers — Heidi Julavits, Dave Eggers and Michael Chabon, to name a few — who are young, gifted and both blessed and cursed. While they are admired for their work and for leading a renaissance of literature, publishing and philanthropy in San Francisco, they are also major snark targets, annoying others for seeming to have so much brilliance, youth and charm.”

A few lines down, the SF Gate mentions: “[Vida is] also married to Eggers, something neither of them likes to discuss. Eggers, of course, is the author of A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius, a best-selling memoir that has earned him cult status in literary circles.”

The Babu thinks he’s just figured out what Julavits and co mean when they plead for an alternative to snark: it’s a kind of carefully focused logrolling. There’s no real word for it, but it’s defined as those strange little noises you hear when someone’s doing some major sucking up.

Book reviewers and the state of book reviewing itself are often under assault, especially by authors.” Poets & Writers defends the species. (Link courtesy ArtsJournal.)

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