“Instead, the post-post poets write the real stuff, the basics, the poem without the baggage of meaning and connection, the liberated poem itself, stripped and streaking down the freeway, no claim on your time or attention longer than the time it takes to watch one run by. Was it human? Was it naked? Did it wave? Was it a prank? What college is it from? What were those word-things it sprayed at us?” Web del sol has the answers, and they ain’t pretty. (Courtesy aldaily.com)

“As most people know by now, dictionary makers today merely record how the language is used, not how the language ought to be used. That is, lexicographers are descriptivists, language liberals. People using “disinterested” when they mean “uninterested” does not displease a descriptivist.” This is actually a fun article about dictionary-making. Trust me.

Two point five million years ago…and as the Babu choked on that statistic, the Guardian patted him on the back, reminding him that this is roughly the time when we started talking to each other, according to Stephen Oppenheimer.

Christopher Dreher examines the burgeoning remainders market for the Washington Post.

“I am amazed at Stendhal’s accomplishment, at the insane daring of the work. The first part of the novel is like watching a child play with matches, the second part like watching the house burn down.” Andre Alexis on Stendhal’s The Red and Black.

“Gil Courtemanche dedicates his first novel to seven friends who are dead, four “unsung heroes” still alive, and “Gentille, who served me eggs and beer and could be dead or alive, if only I knew”.” This is what happens when you try to write a novel about Rwanda.

“For example, Gretel is raped.” Call the Babu squeamish, but he found it hard to probe further into the contemporary retelling of Hansel and Gretel after he reached that sentence. His apologies to the rest of you.

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