Month: July 2003

  • The Babu can see this popping up on some future Comp Lit paper: “Compare and contrast Arundhati Roy and Peter Hessler on Big Dams.” But seriously…he found Hessler’s ‘Underwater’, on the Three Gorges project just as eloquent and persuasive as Roy’s The Greater Common Good: “In the future, when people look back at China’s transition […]

  • “An hour or so later, in a gilded salon of the Hotel Bristol, before literary Paris’s smartest, a shabby figure in a baggy sweater and rumpled scarlet jeans took his check and—in the spirit of his novel—declined to wallow in bourgeois expressions of pleasure or gratitude. Not all were charmed. ‘It’s an insult to the […]

  • Bookforum is in the news–the Village Voice takes a closer look at the “quiet revolution”. Highlights from the summer issue that you can read online: Richard Wolin on Hans Georg Gadamer, Steve Erickson on James M Cain (“how else to take Cain if not perversely?”), and an interview with Robert Stone.

  • The man responsible for the travesty we’ve politely been calling “the new NCERT textbooks” takes aim at SAHMAT. The timing of Rajput’s remarks is easily explained–the Indian History Congress is turning up the heat.