The Babu decided to find out whether it really does end happily ever after for fairy tale and other kidlit characters on the web. Red Riding Hood is a site for children’s book writers–but be careful, the big bad wolf pops up in the form of an ad asking whether you’d like to reset your home page to (what big teeth it has, grandmama!). Goldilocks is the number one bakeshop in the Philippines; Mother Goose sells kidstuff, as does Humpty Dumpty. But the Little Red Hen offers country music, and Jack Horner‘ll be back as soon as he redesigns his communications website. Peter Pan offers everything from hot new Latin music videos to wellness videos; the Sleeping Beauty is in the Internet consultancy business and somewhat appropriately, has been dormant for over three years now. Pollyanna’s perennial optimism remains a driver in her apparently thriving designer business, Thumbelina has been quite cleverly adopted by a needlework company, Rumpelstiltskin is coming soon and you don’t get to find out what Cinderella‘s up to unless you’re over the age of 18 and into the really crude hardcore stuff.



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