A S Byatt recently dissected the Harry Potter series through a Freudian perspective. (There should be a law against this. The Babu envisages a future where nothing is safe. In The Wind in the Willows, Toad’s irresistible urge to steal motor cars will be revealed as a compensatory mechanism which he uses to conceal his sexual inadequacies; In The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy will be unveiled as an attention-seeking rebellious teenager who rejects her family in order to join a bunch of no-good losers; and I just can’t wait to see what happens when they get Pooh on the couch.)

Anyway, Caleb Carr wrote a “hear, hear” letter. Someone tell him to quit encouraging the woman before an entire school of Byattian analysis gets off the ground. BTW, she’s just plain wrong when she says that no one reviews Terry Pratchett.