William Gibson tells The Daily Telegraph that he suffers from ‘apophenia’, defined in his new book, Pattern Recognition as “The spontaneous perception of connections and meaningfulness in unrelated things”. Nice one, that. Also in the interview, Gibson talks about why he has a blog despite his continuing “ambivalence” about the Internet. (The Daily Telegraph requires registration.)

If it’s true, it’s not contempt. The Indian Supreme Court (ironically, an institution that believes firmly in the motto ‘The truth shall prevail”) is beginning to veer around to that viewpoint. The Indian Express has an appreciative editorial. If you’re wondering why this jogs memories, you’re probably thinking of the 2002 contempt case that put Arundhati Roy behind bars for a day. http://www.narmada.org has all the details.

The last two posts were pretty grim–here’s a quiz from The Guardian on ‘Lit pop’ that might lighten the atmosphere a trifle.





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