April 23 is quite a day for writers–this is the birthday of Vladimir Nabokov, Harold Laxness and, some claim, William Shakespeare. It’s also the date on which Miguel de Cervantes, William Wordsworth, Rupert Brooke–and Shakespeare, oddly enough–died. (Incidentally, Bardolators hate the canard about Shakespeare leaving his “second-best bed” to Anne Hathaway. Some scholars have speculated that in Shakespeare’s time, the best bed was the one reserved for guests, while the second-best bed was the one used by the hosts–so perhaps the Bard was merely being romantic after all.) The Babu stumbled across this unusual exhibit on Cervantes and Don Quixote, but preferred the Shakespeare Poetry Generator. There’s also the Shakespeare Insult Generator, which suffers from a surfeit of scurvy poxed knaves and the like–the Babu prefers his insults more subtle.



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