Tanya Grotter, Barry Trotter…move over for the Bengali version. The Babu is disappointed in his brethren: they have restricted themselves merely to producing unauthorised Bengali translations of the Harry Potter books. What, no Harendranath Parthar Darun Golpo?

The Babu recognises that his interest in the Commonwealth Prize is at best tepid. His real excuse for not posting the list of regional winners earlier is foolproof, though, since his blog didn’t exist in March. Here it is, for anyone who’s interested. All the Babu can say is that Michael Frayn is head and shoulders above the rest of the competition. Yawn.

Much more excited about the Hugos–the nominees were announced recently. Now the Babu has a new Michael Swanwick, a new David Brin AND a new Ursula K Le Guin to read. Life is sweet.



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