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Our bodies, ourselves

  For ten years, I wrote on gender issues (in the Kolkata Telegraph and then the International Herald Tribune), without feeling the need to share my story. It was bad journalism to become part of the story, in the first place, and then I’d been silent about my experiences for decades; the silence had become […]

Notes from Raisina Hill

“We want justice! We want justice!” I went to the protests at Raisina Hill expecting very little. Despite the anger over the recent, brutal gang-rape of a 23-year-old by a group of six men, who also beat up her male friend, protests over women’s violence in the Capital have been relatively small. But the crowds […]

The BS Column: Sacco’s wars

(Published in the Business Standard, November 20, 2012) The @IDFSpokesperson account on Twitter has over 179,091 followers, and is credited with having brought war to social media. Over last week, thousands watched the war unfold in Gaza, tweet by tweet. Many were horrified at the cold-blooded way in which the Israeli Defence Forces laid out […]


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